My love affair with backpacking hostels

Backpackers’ hostel has changed the face of travelling for the entire world. Be it about finding company in a new city or learning about different cultures, a hostel has it all covered. These backpacking hostels have made it possible for so many people to travel to various countries with limited resources and yet have a comfortable place to crash.

A lazy afternoon at Crafts hostel, Anjuna (Goa)

Why I prefer Hostels over Hotels?

A hostel will offer all that a hotel does i.e. clean bed, cleaner toilets and bathrooms, good food, great views and sometimes a rooftop or a bar too, all this for much lesser price (the only condition: SHARING). Moreover, the basic concept of these hostels is to bring like- minded fellow travellers together. Therefore, you are rest assured of having some good conversations and great evenings. Many hostels that I visited also conducted cooking classes, yoga sessions and many more activities.

Considering my love and passion for travelling, I have stayed and been to various hostels across the country. In fact, I am guilty of planning a few trips only to be visiting some particular hostels and staying there. Quite a few brands in the business have established a huge network of hostel properties across the country. Zostel, The Hostel Crowd, Moustache, Backpacker Panda and Go stops are a few from the list.

Agra city map on the wall at Zostel Agra


* I remember staying in the TRIPPR hostel in Gokarna that was right on the beach and every morning I woke up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

The view outside at Trippr Hostel, Gokarna

* ZOSTEL KOCHI is a hostel housed in an old heritage property in Fort Kochi and the whole vintage vibe it has, is worth every penny paid for the stay.

* BUNKED UP hostel in Benaras was located just off the Pandav Ghat and the view of the Ganga from the rooftop was breath taking. This was also an old property renovated as a hostel. *win-win*

Some quirky posters at Bunked Up Hostel, Benaras

* CRAFTS HOSTEL in Anjuna, Goa was like a home away from home for me. The quaint courtyard and the cosy dormitories housed inside Old Portuguese structures took my heart away. In addition, the hostel owners were the warmest hosts I’ve come across.

The Portuguese colour palette at Crafts Hostel, Anjuna (Goa)

* The GO STOPS hostel in Udaipur was one place exploding with colours (true to the culture of Rajasthan) and the rooftop was one amazing hang out spot. I would stick there for hours, reading book and basking in the winter sun.

* And when talking about hostels, how can I forget PANCHGANI ZOSTEL? I have written an entire separate post on that. Check it out here:

The one of its kinds – Zostel Panchgani

All this for only about 500 – 700 bucks (rupees)/bed (in a shared dormitory). One would be crazy to not go for a deal like this.

I personally have developed a cosy relationship with backpacker’s hostel over time considering how affordable yet comfortable they are for solo (female) travellers like me. Besides, I totally advocate hostel stay to my friends and also my family members. Hostels are fun spaces with lots of activities, eclectic corners, quirky posters, colourful walls and so much Instagram worthy content (also cute pets sometimes). They have given me some unforgettable memories and bonds for life. Don’t even get me started on the no. of pictures taken in my phone in various hostels across the country.

Intricate colorful paintings all around

I will keep updating the list of experiences in other hostels as and when I visit them. For now, go to or HostelWorld and go book yourself a bed in a crazy backpackers’ hostel already!!


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