The dreamy French Villa in the White Town, Pondicherry

Looking for an accommodation for any trip is a daunting task. One is always concerned about the over-pricing, the internet fiasco of putting up complete different pictures, the surroundings, etc. etc. I, for one, have always been a not-too-indulgent-on-accommodation kinda person. I plan my trips with a fair amount of budget going into food and travel than anything else. And you all are already aware of my affection for backpacking hostels. They pretty much solve all my accommodation issues.

But, this story is a bit different than usual. After all, what fun are travel stories if they have no IFs and BUTs…?!?!!

As you all know, I was taking the last week off to travel to Pondicherry and Auroville (these places are like family to me). All this while on my visits to either places, I would always be hosted by some dear friends in Auroville and never really had the need of booking any guesthouses or hotels for the same reason. This time I was travelling with my cousin (read – partner in crime) and thought it would be better/fun to stay on our own in dreamy villas and houses.

I have a thing form pretty wooden doors

That is exactly what I did! It took me a bit of research on various portals/apps to shortlist a few breath-taking options for our stay. I was clear that I wanted to stay in the White town in Pondicherry to soak myself in the Franco-Tamil cross culture. And boy, did I get lucky! Found a property right on the Promenade overlooking the Bay of Bengal in all its French Glory. Could I have asked for more?

The window on the far right of the picture is my room

The place is called Villa Bayoud. And I felt luckier getting a sea-facing room to myself.

Beautiful open spaces inside Villa Bayoud

The villa was approximately some 160 years old and had a very typical French style architecture. The big rooms, the heighted ceilings, the open courtyards and the gigantic doors already had me feeling like La Reine (French for queen).

Oh! the Frenchness in this one picture
Serene courtyards

Old antique wooden furniture was still conserved and maintained in the villa and the outdoor spaces were flourishing with plants and flowers. The beautiful Buddha statue in the entrance was my favourite.

Oh and the best part happened the next morning. I slept very little in the entire night as I was in awe of that property and was just busy sipping my wine, peeping out of the window at the full moon and the sea. I set an alarm to wake up early, as I didn’t want to miss the sunrise of the East Coast. And I woke up to witness magic!

This one crazy experience will stay with me forever!
Soon coming up with more blogs from this trip.. Stay tuned……

Also, would love to hear about any of your stories of staying in some heritage properties. Shoot them in the comments below.


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