My own little Paradise

This is not a regular travel post and it took a lot of brain storming and self-convincing to decide that I might not just stick to writing about travels but would also love to share little excerpts of my own life on this blog space here. Especially being in 2019 when everything around us has been blown up into surreal proportions, it is only better to keep some slices of you and your personal life as REAL and RAW as you can!

I come from a close-knit family where I am deeply connected to each member of our house. Exactly on this date two months ago, I lost my grandmother. She was almost about to be 80 years old and had a wonderful life and so technically we were prepared for any incident like that! But you know what they say, however prepared you are, one is never too prepared for the loss of a loved one! She was one happening member of the family who loved talking and interacting with everyone and kept the house lively and running. I was very close to my grandmother and after her passing, I moved into her room. I always loved the coziness of that room and I see it more as a blessing from my dadi to me. I feel like I am still surrounded by her presence in that room.

My little paradise

I am an eclectic soul and have always picked little souvenirs from many destinations that I visited. I had a box full of these souvenirs and 3 bags full of little note-pads and sketchbooks that I keep buying at different places for my personal collection! And now that I had my own personal space, it was time to put it all out.
FYI: I am obsessed with collecting sketchbooks, diaries and notepads from different places with different textures and varieties of papers and art drawn on them. Every book in my collection is unique and mostly has a story behind it that I love sharing with people. If anyone of you, at any point of time in life, feel like buying gifts for me, just buy me sketchbooks
 (Variety of sketchbooks, to be precise) 😉

My collection of books

Coming back to the eclectic dĂ©cor of my room, I decided to change a few things up. Forever an old school, the first thing I did was got rid of the Roman blinds and decided to replace those with some dreamy curtains cos curtains are <3. Also, that’s when I came across some amazing handcrafted curtains by The Hippie Saaz (randomly found it on Instagram). To my luck, they had a discount going on at that time and I straightway ordered a pair of the ruffled curtains for myself. They add the most perfect finishing touch to my otherwise very boho-eclectic decor of the room.

How can I forget the vintage poster bed? Oh my God

This vintage bed was once at my relatives’ place and ever since, I always dreamt of having one for myself. It was just the right time. My relatives’ house was under renovation and they were looking to get rid of the bed. See how things start falling in place when you really want something! *says the famous Om Shanti Om dialogue by SRK in the background*.

The cozy evenings spent by the bedside cuddling Frappe

The bed came home, was fixed in its place and the poster has now become a canopy for my fairy lights setting up the perfect ambience for my room! I found a little piece of net fabric in my crafts supplies and tried to make-shift a ruffled canopy edge instead of fixing a boring mosquito net.

Fairy lights: Borrowed from a dear friend (Thanks Jhanvi)
Crochet dreamcatcher: thrifted from Anjuna flea market last year for 250/-
Champa Flower fairy lights: Posh Homes
Handpainted bedsheet: Romancing the Colors (courtesy of dear mommy)
Ruffled curtains: The Hippie Saaz
Ruffled canopy: did myself *woop woop*

My room would be incomplete without a work desk. A desk where I could display my nick-knacks and souvenirs that could motivate me to write even on the gloomiest days was definitely needed! After a consistent search on for about a week, I found the perfect desk for myself, that too at a special discounted price!
I got it for some 6 and a half grands and it’s totally worth the price. See those little shelves and the storage compartment besides? Much needed for a stationery geek like me!
Fun fact: Viraj and I were obsessed with fixing the desk ourselves. It was like solving out each step of puzzle and putting it in the right place. (Little things to bond over)

You can check it here:
My souvenir collection
Come visit me sometime to hear stories of what I bought from where

The last important thing to enter the room was the vintage rustic multi-level storage rack. Would you believe me if I tell you I thrifted it from the weekly market in Surat for mere 250 bucks? I bought it some 2 years ago from Shanivaari Bazaar furniture section and just organically painted it in white. I used it as a storage rack for several exhibitions of mine and finally got it home to store my stash of books that I keep collecting.

My prized possession

Now here comes the most exciting part of this blog. I talked out a discount deal with Neha at THE HIPPIE SAAZ for all of you interested in buying those curtains. Follow @thehippiesaaz and @bennamkhwaishein on Instagram.
The discount code for curtains is BENAAM MUSAFIR.

Now go grab the offer!!!
Sending a lot of love and happiness to all you readers.


  1. Ishani Choksi

    I guess i am obsessed with your room and each and every little things in your room.
    I am surely coming at your home to specially see your room ans grab those diaries(as i am also big fan of collecting diaries😛).

    1. Tanvi Thakkar Post
  2. Kamalika Banerjee

    Your room is an extention of your raw,carefree gypsy soul. Every item has such a beautiful story with it that exudes the connect you have with everything that you collect. Much love❀

    1. Tanvi Thakkar Post
      Tanvi Thakkar

      Thank you so much.
      That was the whole idea indeed. The eclectic soul that I am knows no other way of doing things.
      <3 <3

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