Who am I?

“I am nothing more, nothing less, and that is enough.”

I am just any other daughter with a lot of respect and care for her family.
Just any other sister who would not even think twice to do anything for her annoying brother.
Any other friend who fights and gets back together.
I am just any other human who wants to love everyone and be loved as much in return.

Today, when I am 27 and write this about myself, I realise I am just an explorer.
This explorer who had been a quiet kid throughout her childhood is ready to run with coloured boots and fly with rainbow wings. This explorer just wants to tread to places unknown, meet strangers and make memories with them. This explorer wants to communicate through only one language: the language of love.

While growing up, I used to be quite a grumpy sassy kid who gave her entire family a hard time with all kinds of non-conventional choices and weird decisions. And it will be safe to say that none of it has changed even now. I grew up not being sure of most of the things or anything, be it what I wanted to study or what I wanted to eat or what I wanted to wear. And that left behind a huge room for exploring. Hence, I took up the challenge and led my way through the maze of life.

Through this journey, many situations were faced and lot many lessons were learnt too! Several terrible decisions, pleasant experiences, consequences and explorations later, today I am still an explorer.! And the only difference is:
From a girl who would always answer in “I don’t know”, I am now becoming a woman who says “Maybe, let’s give it a try”

About Decorpentry:

I am an artist and I hold a graduation in architecture. I believe in seeing the world naked, as it comes, embracing various colours, cultures, flavours and authenticity from different places and people.

This space is like a compilation of many chapters of my explorations. Through this platform, I want to share a few things I do, fewer things I see and a lot more things I experience. My style is very eclectic and fused and so please don’t expect too much organization. Although, what you must expect is me talking about the best lemon cake I had in Auroville in the middle of a design blog or me sharing some life lesson while having a conversation with my doggo FRAPPE.

About Benaam Khwaishein:

I have been always interested and inclined towards travelling, as it is obviously the best way to explore. Traveling has given me the courage to connect, trust and experience things that earlier never existed. While the idea of writing and sharing (also known as travel blogging) always buzzed me, I was never too committed to it. One random night, I was talking to mommy dearest about silly things of my life: some people that mattered, some relations shattered, some lessons learnt and many more misunderstandings burnt.
Life is complex, it seems. But in that moment, it was only like a bottle of wine that waited to be cherished at every sniff and every sip. Also, this ghazal composed by Papon was playing in the background that night and hence this title.

Therefore, Benaam Khwaishein is a blog that addresses all that makes ME. Travel, food, art, life lessons, love, animals, shoes, books, paintings, flowers, plants and places, this blog has it all.

Hoping to reach to many of you and connect to many more of you!